Parker is an Australian electronic alternative pop outfit fronted by vocalist and songwriter Tash Parker.  Born of the collaboration between Tash and Brisbane based electronic producer/animator Hans Van Vliet, Parker has created a sonic world constructed from a rich palette of organic and electronic sounds. Field recordings of a suburban underpass become breathing synth lines.  Cello sampled and chopped up become warm woody drum sounds. 


In this unexpected evolution Parker explores symptoms of contemporary life; anxiety, political apathy, relationship breakdown and cultural homelessness. Her effortless vocals deliver deeply raw songs with an undeniable feminine strength and brave vulnerability. 


A cover of I Take This Time by American composer and cellist Arthur Russell is her first offering.  Whilst paying homage to the seminal artist, Parker has created a dreamy synth pop sound all of her own. To accompany this release she collaborated with Melbourne based Fine Art photographer Glenn Wilkie on a replica of the iconic Arthur Russell Another Thought album artwork image by Jeanette Beckman, NY.